So you are new to this restoring thing and you have some questions???

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Does restoring hurt? And is a dangerous?
Restoring should not be painful and it's not dangerous as long as you use common sense and listen to your body restoring is extremely safe.
Listen to your body, when trying a new method always start off slowly, use low tension and slowly increase the time you restore per day until you are comfortable with it. Some discomfort may be felt after wearing a device for a period of time. This is your body telling you to remove the device and take a break.
Restoring is a slow process so try not to overdo it by stressing the skin out too much too quickly.
With your own personal experience you will discover where this threshold is.
What's the best way to restore?
There is no best method or device. To be successful in restoring you have to be able to use a routine and methods that are going to fit your lifestyle. Everyone has their own favorite method that works for them.
Will my restored foreskin be loose and baggy?
Unless you are outwardly expanding the skin the restored foreskin should not be baggy.

The more skin you grow the more of a tapering the end of the foreskin will give. I call this overhang, when the skin is over the glands and naturally tends to tighten up.
A restored foreskin with overhang looks much tighter than one without overhang. Circumcision removes the rigid band, this is a natural tightening at the end of an intact foreskin. It acts like a draw string, this cannot be regrown by any restoring method.  Overhang is the only way I have found to non surgically achieve something close to this.
Will the DTR fit???
After years of making the DTR the dimensions of the DTR Bell have been averaged out to fit a mojority of men.

 Please check out " Can anyone restore"  for more on anatomy issues.
How many hours per day do a need to restore?
This will very slightly from person to person. With my own personal experience I have found that 6 to 8  hours worth of restoring per day to be just right. The hours do not have to be consistent, the amount of time you restore per day can be split up throughout the day.
Can I wear the device while sleeping?
Some men choose to restore when sleeping but I advised not to. The problem with using a device to restore when sleeping is that you cannot monitor it properly and know when you need to remove the device to take a break.
Retaining your skin when sleeping is a completely different story. Anyone thinking of doing this should test what ever they're going to use to retain their skin when sleeping for the same amount of hours while awake to be sure it's going to be comfortable for them to use when sleeping. You may want to test getting an erection while retaining since this will happen with nocturnal erections when sleeping.
My Skin sometimes changes color under the gripper, why?
When the skin is under the gripper on a DTR Bell there is some pressure put on it especially when using higher tension. This will slow some of the blood flow to the skin causing it to change color. This could be reddish, purpleish, and even just whitish in color.
 If this happens depending on the amount of tension I am using I will remove the device once per hour. Sometimes more sometimes less depending on how much tension I am using and how long I have already been using the device for that day.

Having a device that will give you options and lasts a very long time makes restoring much easier.