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Inner and outer skin development
When I started restoring I wasn't concerned about what skin I had under the gripper when using my DTR. As long as I could put it on and use it without my skin slipping out that's all I cared about. As I grew more skin I noticed that I could focus more on one or the other by how I manipulated the skin onto the device. This can be done using all methods of restoring to some degree but some methods are better then others at focusing on one or the other.

So why focus on inner skin or outer skin? As I restored I found that the skin from my glans to my circumcision scar line was a little bit thinner then the rest of my shaft skin.
I thought if I could focus more on inner skin this skin  would be more like my original foreskin since the texture was a bit more soft then the rest of my shaft skin.
So why would anyone want to focus on outer skin? One reason is to avoid having a trumpet effect to the end of the foreskin. This can happen when too much inner skin has developed and it ends up were the end of the restored foreskin looks it puckers out instead of in.  This does not happen all the time but it is a possibility. Another reason to grow more outer skin is if the circumcision scar is very low and you are looking to have the circumcision scar on the inside of the restored foreskin.

Inner skin: Dual tension and direct Air. Outer skin: Tugging and weight.

The only down side to outer skin development is if that person has a hairy penis shaft this hair line can move up higher. This is known as "Hair Creep". This should not deter anyone into developing outer skin since most of us have some sparse hair on the penis shaft and even after years of restoring my hair line has not increased much at all.

You can see in these pictures that my hair line becomes sparse about 2 inches from the base of my penis.
Flaccid holding penis upright.
Close up of picture on the right
While these methods can be used for both inner and outer skin development they do have a tendency to focus on one more then the other all on there own unless the skin is manipulated to focus on inner or outer skin as shown in the inner/outer skin video.

Something I have noticed since focusing on just outer skin that past year is that when my foreskin is snug up over my glans it tend to favor one side.
I know my circumcision was very uneven and as a result my foreskin is a little uneven also. This is more apparent when my foreskin gets really snug.
Here is a picture I took after I just came in from outside.  Temp was 60 with cool rain.
As you can see the cooler the temp the tighter the end to my foreskin. Compare this to the picture above taken after I had been inside for awhile. Temp 73
This turned out to be true for the most part. What I did not know then was that over time any skin that now created my inner foreskin would change in texture and color. So much so that even my circumcision line faded away.  This change did not happen overnight. This happened over time from the skin now being in this new environment.

I believe as long as the distance from the circumcision line to the glans (A) equal the distance from the edge of the glans to the top of the glans (B) that person has enough inner skin in my opinion.
Try not to laugh at my silly Blue undies.. They looked better off camera