I just read the exchange of posts on the YahooRestoration Site. It sounds to me like you were
pretty pissed off about those statements from onemember. And frankly I don't blame you. It sounds
like the guy is cut really tight and doesn't havequite enough skin to use your product comfortably.

I want to let you know after 2 months, I am reallyliking your product and the results so far. The DTR
is really easy to use, goes on and off in a snap and maintains tension at a level that is comfortable (at
least for me) I think its far easier to use than contraptions that have straps and/or tape. I know, I
bought several of them in the past.

You are absolutely right in saying that everyone has to find something that works for them. Having said
that, I think your product is very well made and most important, it works for me.
Thanks very much for inventing it and offering it for sale.

Too bad that guy had problems with the DTR...too bad for him. But don't let that detract from the fact
that DTR is well made and it works and is comfortable.   I hope you continue selling the product.

As I have said in my previous emails, feel free to post my comments (anonymously of course) on your web
Hi Chuck,
> Just wanted to let you know that the DTR arrived today - thanks for the
>speedy service. Looks great and congratulations on the design - very
>smart. Now I just have to have the commitment to actually getting where
>you've managed to get.
> Wish me luck.
> many thanks,
> Greg
( This is an email I got from a guy whose dog ate part of his DTR, I sent him out a new push rod at no cost.
It brings new meaning to the phrase  "my dog ate it" )

Chuck -

My DTR is busted (not through any fault of yours - my puppy chewed it up) - how much for a replacement rod and one nylon screw? Would you even do that for me?

Thanks in advance.

Dear chuck -

I'd heard you stand behind your device 100% - while I've seen evidence of this in the meticulous design of your website and your personal testimony, I didn't expect this. The device was damaged not due to poor design, or any material failing on your part, but rather a bored Australian Shepherd. Thank you very much for making this so easy.

just got it the other day....boy its great. Great product!
I can easily use it....only challenge now is the little bit of scrotal creep I'm getting, probly b/c I don't have a lot of skin yet. Maybe an o-ring would help.
And, its funny cuz it feels surprisingly good putting it on...I was like 'whAAAt??' when I adjusted the tension. hahaha...
Only thing is I have a varicocele so I think I'll start w/half the time per day, or less than that, so my scrotal veins can gradually get used to the tension.
again, thanks for the DTR, and -- thanks for making it!!
"I received your device over the weekend. Have tried it out of course. No  Problems, works fine.
During the day at work I use the silicone O-rings like  Before (I stack about 7-8).  
Thanks. I'm grateful there are guys like you offering their creations to the  Rest of us".  
Foreskin Restoration bulletin ID login:  "willie19402000" 
"Hi Chuck, Just to let you know that the tugger got here today. I
stopped by the house while on my Delivery route, and put it on during my
lunch hour. Wore it 5 hr. straight, and NO pinching! Well, I'm
pleased to say the least. Your machining of the push to match the
contour of the skin bell is excellent. There is a 'constant'
gripping surface that the "other device" didn't have. Don' t know if you ever
saw one of (name removed) products, but he has no match to the product that
you have designed and made".
April 28,2005 Dear Chuck, Hello, Good Morning, Thanks for your email. I got a device about two weeks ago.
I liked it so much I will order another device. One for home and one for driving or night time.
I hope to hear from you soon. Gerard S.
Thanks for the DTR.  I just got to tell you that it's without a doubt,  the very best device that I've ever had. 
I've tried so many others  that didn't work that well or were very uncomfortable,
...but yours is  the very best!  Now I know that I can start to move forward with some  progress. 
Thanks again...

Picked up your product today.  Better than I would have imagined. 
Fits like  it was made for me.  Can't thank you enough.  Time to finish what I started  so long ago.

I'll update you on my progress.     -Randy

I just wanted to say that your DTR has arrived and I am very pleased with  it.
I never had something which worked that good, which could stay so long  with out annoying too much.
Just brilliant!  Again, many thanks!  you made me happy!  

Hi chuck,
just to say, I love your device! it works just great, much better than the really expensive stainless steel one I bought some time back.

Thanks again
M Lewis
Hi Chuck,   the advice arrived today, it's phantastic! It fits perfect and I'm convinced 
that I can get the same tremendous results you've got :-) What a wonderful  invention!
Would you break a secret for me and tell me how old you are? Because I've read  that the younger you are
the better the growth will take place. I'm 34 years  old, so I think that I'm young enough that my skin will
grow in a accurate  manner - even with your advice ;-))

Thank you very much for the easy transaction and the quick delivery and good

luck for your restoration project, I'll keep an eye on it on ForeskinRestore.com  Regards,  Jens 

Just to let you know I received the device today. Thank you.   I have had it on for the last 8 hours or so -
I really hardly notice it is  there.  Regards,

Chuck : I got the DTR on the 6may2005,what a difference it is. The restore process is much faster now, I threw the (name removed) away and don't need the (name removed) tugger either. How can I help you get the DTR on the market this beats everything out there.
I am very pleased with the device.  I do have a question, though.  Would it be useful for me to buy an extra one of those flexible gripper thingies with the holes in it?  That's the part that's most likely-seeming to wear out.  I would like to be able to pass this device to my grandsons, because, in spite of my bitter arguments, my son had them both circumcised!

Hi Chuck,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday. Also I just wanted to thank you because I have tried tape and the (name removed) neither of which worked well at all for me. The tape is not only not very cost effective because you have to keep buying it at $2-3 per week, it was just too harsh and kept causing skin tears. The (name removed), after you get good at putting it on where it will stay on, not only causes pinching but also chaffing and blistering on my skin. Even the cone alone would cause skin problems for me. It only took me a few minutes of working with your device to get good at putting it on. It is light weight, compact, or Simi compact until I can push the rod in a bit more, and quite comfortable. I can't even tell that it is there. Today will be the a good test as I am planning to wear it all day at work.

Chuck, your a god of inventors, thank you so much. I was beginning to believe that there was just not going to be a way for me to effectively restore until I found your website. You have given me hope and inspiration because I need this restoration so desperately due to loss of sensitivity. You are my hero.

Again, Thank You,

It's now about 1 month that I'm using your restoring device - good results so  far! Really clever idea of the
 holes in the gripper - makes a big difference, so  long as the skin's not oily. 
Looking for full coverage soon (not a reality, but a dream).
Thanks for your ingenuity.
John K  

Chuck, It's been 6 weeks since I started using your DTR. Progress is
noticeably rapid and I'm delighted!    W.H

I have been trying to think of a way to accomplish what the auto tension does, and all my concepts were too complicated to wear under clothing.  This one is simple and trivial to implement. 
Thanks for posting this modification.
Incidentally, I am really amazed at my own progress since using the DTR.  It is the most comfortable and most effective device I have tried. 


Hello. I just have receive the DTR last Friday. I just wanted to tell you that it's a wonderful device and I love it very much. I used to use the (name removed) but your device is better for me. I love the auto-tension on the device. Your device is very easy to clean.

In brief, you have designed a wonderful device and I just wanted to tell you thank you for making it available to order through the web,

Thank you again.

Raphael, 29 years old, restoring since 5 years
I got the DTR today. I have worn it for a few hours, and it is working wonderfully so far - great grip on the skin and lots of stretching going on! Thanks for the hard work.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my DTR yesterday, at least a day or two before I expected it.

It fits great! No slipping off problems as with a other similar product I have been used.

I tried it out for the first time last night for a few hours and felt confident enough to wear it to work today. No problem removing it at the office urinal. It was pinching a bit so I did not reapply after my first pee at work (about 4hrs). I think I was using a bit too much tension. I just have to get that right. I'll try to find some longer rubber bands tomorrow. I'm trying the "set" tension right now and it is very comfortable.

I'm going to try the tugger set up (down the leg) tonight.

In my opinion this is a well designed and made device. I'll let you know in a week or so how things are going.

Thanks for helping the rest of us,

I received my DTR from you this past Saturday, and I have one word for it "Awesome". I have found the DTR easier to put on in the morning, unlike some of the other restoring devices I have tried and shelved. I also no longer have to fiddle around with my restoring device in the men's room when nature calls, the DTR comes off lightning fast and goes back on just as quick. The DTR is very comfortable to wear, and is completely invisible under my clothing whether I am wearing a pair of dress slacks or kicking around in a pair of shorts. Can't thank you enough for this wonderful piece of craftsmanship.


Bill from New Jersey
I got my DTR yesterday when I got home from work. That was quick! You know
how it is when you're anticipating sticking your dick into something new for
a couple days. haha. I love it. It's quite a contraption! Great
craftsmanship, it's really comfortable and gives a good tug. I'm sure it
will be happy with it for some time. I'm 100% satisfied.
I feel very fortunate to have found out about your product the Dual Tension Restorer. I found your website in the files section of the 'support for restoring men' Yahoo group homepage. I started out using tape when I discovered that I could actually 'grow' my foreskin back after being cut as an infant. The tape gave me a start but I soon found that the tape was causing irritation on my skin and pulled and twisted causing bruising and pain. So I knew I had to find something else if I was going to engulf on this journey. After seeing your product on your website and reading how you made the device and how it works, I was sold immediately! The cost didn't really matter because I knew it was the best product being offered on the net or anywhere else, and trust me, I researched allot before finding your site. Well needless to really say... I wasn't disappointed! The purchase was seamless and quick. I started using the DTR right away but found it a bit difficult at first because of my lack of skin and pretty tight cut, anyway, once I got the hang of it and learned what was working for me as a rookie restorer - I began using as a tugger with a rubber tube wrapped around my waist. There was some pain from the constant tugging all day so started alternating tugging and just simply wearing the DTR as a retainer without auto tension or tugging. Alternating as I described and using the vitamin e lotion you recommended has worked amazingly well, I am to the point now, after 3 months, that I can use device with the auto tension attachment and also alternate with the other options. Options, that is one of the best things about the DTR, you can tug, use auto, or just use a retainer! Unbelievable, you are the KING for coming up with a device that is virtually indestructible, versatile, cleans and stores easily, not to mention support after the sale and updates on your website, you offer the 'whole' package at a reasonable price. For anyone considering restoring, they would be amiss if they looked any further then the DTR to accomplish their goal.

Thanks for everything! I wish you all the best!

Sincerely, very satisfied customer,
 Hi Chuck I received the restorer yesterday and I needed to say how amazed I am by your invention. There are so many methods I have tried, even the most expensive ones and none of them come close to the DTR. One word describes it... Priceless! I am grateful to have found you and your website. I wish you an amazing success with this and hope you get recognition like a noble prize or something cause you really deserve it. Sincerely, Denis

Hi Chuck,
My DTR arrived today, and all I can say is you are a genius. It is so easy to put on and the comfort level is like no other device I have used. The DTR will be the last device I have to buy in restoring my foreskin. Now all I will do is wear my DTR until my goal is reached. May I inquire as to how long per day do you wear it to achieve your results? Feel free to use my comments and picks to promote the DTR.

Just to let you know I received the DTR today.
I am very impressed with the build quality of the device - much better than I had anticipated!
I look forward to some early success and will keep you posted.

Thanks for the time and effort you have invested in designing and developing what I believe to easily be the best product/method on the market!!
I wish you every success.

Hi Chuck,
Just letting you know that I received my DTR today and tried it out straight away. It sure is very comfortable to wear and it very easy to get on and off once you get used to it. I really did expect some discomfort from it but I can't really feel it at all. I checked your notes and see that you don't recommend it's use at night so will follow what you have here.
I am amazed at how easy it all is as this is my first attempt at restoring and luckily I am not too tightly cut and do have some skin to play with.

Will let you know how things progress



 Just to let you know I'm still using your DTR daily, and noticing steady
 results. Started 4-16-05 w/ the DTR (began w/ RECAP-EZ on 3-14-99, then
 later tried O-rings on 4-15-04).
 So glad to have found your DTR. Progress is noticeably faster; looking at
 YOUR 6-month progress photos, that's about where I am now, even after 6
 years w/ other methods. Notice that your progress seemed to accelerate as
 more and more skin was formed. Hope I do as well.
Six months have gone by quickly and easily. Looking forward
to even more progress in the next six months!
This letter is from a DTR user who wanted to add more comments to this page.

The device has a rather large benefit in that it minimizes the shaft skin area that is engaged
in gripping the device.  In theory, the ultimate stretching device would engage only an infinitely
thin line of skin thereby allowing the maximum amount of shaft skin to be place under tension.
The opposite of this would be a t-tape where the width of the take that is attached to the skin is
not under tension.  These are the two extremes.  Of course, for the theoretical case, a much lower
amount of tension could be applied to the infinitely thin circle to which tension is applied due to skin tearing that would certainly occur.  With this device, the maximum amount of shaft skin under tension maximizes progress, all other things being equal.

The grooves on the outer surface of the bell provide a very good gripping situation while causing
no discomfort.  In engineering terms, these grooves are what are called the `phonographic effect?.
The circles in the outer gripper provide traction too, although their edges are somewhat `sharp?
and are the only source of discomfort with this device.

I started a few years ago with the t-tape system and it provided the greatest unit growth
per unit time tugging.  It was a PITA in the shower room at the gym or in bed with the sweetie,
so as soon as the recap softie EZ came along, I was very happy.  It provided good progress,
but sitting and standing during the day would alternate tension and growth was reduced.
Same with the Tug Ahoy.  Both these devices would over time slip off.  They had to be cleaned
and brushed to keep the accumulation of body oils from glazing their contact surfaces and reducing
the gripping capability.  In this device the grooves and holes prevent that from happening.
The outer gripper with the holes is a bit tough to get on at first, but after a few times,
it goes on quite easily, and it is a delight to be able to see the maximization of shaft skin
under tension.

At first, I thought the simple rubber band would not apply enough tension, but it does!
It basically takes the stretch to the limit.  After applying the device and manually pushing
the pusher down inside the shaft skin, the band keeps the stretch at near the maximum point.
One can always extend the pusher manually to see if more penetration is allowable and then tighten
the screw and hold that tension independent of the elastic band.  Very good design.
Break or loose the elastic band?  No problem!

Nighttime erections are not a problem.  It just pulls off the glans and falls to the sheets--,
no problem here.In short, this is a great design and after having tried all and I mean ALL the
others, this design is the most well thought out, the easiest to use, and the most effective device
 to use.  BTW, if the band starts to loose its elasticity, one need only twist the shaft of the
device and the tension goes up!

As for the discomfort caused by the edges of the round holes in the outer gripper,
I simply turned the gripper inside out (from the way it was shipped to me), and the pain is gone.
Now I can wear it 24/7 with no discomfort.  BTW, I rotate the shaft of the device so that the
elastic band is twisted thereby increasing the tension it applies.
This accommodates loss of elasticity of the band and also allows for skin growth since the
progressing growth of shaft skin means, that elastic `push? is likewise diminied.

I usually put a few drops of vitamin E on the pusher and then apply the device.
This could not be done with any other device without causing a great loss of grip.
It does not seem to bother your design.


I would like to see a larger pusher (part that contacts the glans end)
to more fully encircle and perhaps even engulf the glans so that part of the rim is not bent
back over the outer edge of the pusher.  I have a normal size glans, but it is uncomfortable
when it rolls over the edge of the pusher.  I would be delighted to fund an experiment for you to make a larger pusher piece.
Thanks for your efforts!

Hi Chuck,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the DTR over a week ago and have been using it every day. After 8 months using the ( name removed), I am already seeing some positive results with the DTR. It is great!....very comfortable....and extremely easy to apply and disengage. The workmanship is top notch. You were right....I probably won't use the ( name removed) anymore. Thanks for putting such a great product out there for all of us interested in restoration.

Will in SF

Chuck -

The device is working well, with no issues. Great work!

Hi all,

Here is a quick report of my observations after wearing the DTR for the
first week. (6 days)

My initial reaction to the device is that it larger than I imagined.
However, it fits quite well. I was concerned that I would not be able
to hide it under my pants but it turns out that is not a problem at all.
I wear it to work under loose fitting denim jeans.

The quality of the craftsmanship is excellent.

The initial installation was quite simple (I have a lot of extra skin
though- I have been restoring for 5+ years). However, I found it was
very easy to apply too much tension. Applying too much tension causes
the device to stick straight out from the body and the glans will start
to ache in a couple of minutes. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to
hide under loose fitting denim pants when installed with this much

The rubber band is a great way to keep tension from getting too extreme.
Simply install the device and loosen the set screw. The rubber band
will apply a firm amount of tension. However, I had to remove the brand
new rubber band and stretch it out by hand several time to reduce the
tension. The brand new rubber band was much too tight for me.

I really like the rubber band as a tensioning device. Today I wore the
device for about 10 hours. Towards the end of the day when I
re-installed the device after using the bathroom I could feel the
plunger slowly creeping down for about 5 minutes as the skin relaxes.
The rubber band was automatically adjusting the tension while I was
sitting at my desk.

The first three days I was only able to wear the device for 2-4 hours
because I was applying too much tension and the silicone keeper pinched
the skin. By the 4th day the silicon keeper had stretched a bit and I
was able to wear the device for 10 hours with very little discomfort.
There was some stinging on the skin (even today) were the silicon keeper
digs in too tight. I simply re-installed the device with a different
portion of skin under the keeper. I am going to try to stick with the
10-12 hours of tension per day regime.

From my limited time with the device (6 day to be exact) I am very
pleased and I hope to continue using it for a long time. I will provide
another update after a couple of months. (or sooner if some event
warrants it.)

Bye everyone and KOT,
>I received my DTR this morning and I'm extremely impressed. The quality
>and craftsmanship are outstanding as is your customer service (and quick
>delivery). I've been restoring for about 3 years using other devices and
>hope that the DTR takes me to the end of the process. I think the plunger
>will make a big difference in providing that extra stretch, which the other
>devices cannot seem to do. The fact that you can wear it with shorts and
>through metal detectors is fantastic! Thanks for a great product.
Hello Chuck.

I am dropping a line very quick just to let you know that you can use my comments anytime. Has been 2 weeks since I stared using the device, I have to tell you that even though it could be very early I already see some changes. I been using the DTR for a least 8 consecutive hours with the auto tension and once in a while I use a 10oz weight. I really believe I will have dramatic changes in a short time. Soon I will start taking pictures of my progress; I will send them to you and for sure you can use them as well.

Hi again haven't messaged since September. I feel an update is in order.

I got the DTR in the first week in September and now I'm in my 6th month of restoring in total! Been using the DTR close to 6-7 days a week, between 4-12 hours a day on varying tensions.

I cannot thank you enough for your initial advice and reassurance because it just motivated me to stop thinking too far ahead and to just focus on getting through each day.

I wanted to mention quickly the progress I've made now. My forced erect coverage was between 5-10% of the glans before I started, and it's now 25%! I'm so impressed with this and the skin mobility during any kind of stimulation is a real nice surprise.

My inner foreskin has grown a nice amount, and the hair at the base of my penis now doesn't go up the shaft as much. I am now a solid CI-4, since the corona is practically always covered and if not the bunching of skin around it is very prominent. I started at about a CI-2.5. So this is more than I could have expected. My frenulum and inner foreskin sensitivity has greatly increased too, I use the no holed silicone gripper as my 24/7 retainer when not restoring :)

Also I have over the past couple of weeks began using the 6" rod with one elastic (since the 4" one elastic was perfect for my size, so I wound the elastics round the screws as the skin grew, but eventually the rod was as far as it could be pushed). So now looking forward to more steady growth with the 6" rod - I tried it a few times earlier on but it felt like it was putting far too much tension on everything, so now surely that it's totally comfortable this is a very good sign of "growing into the device" :)

So yes just another customer of yours who is still very happy and the DTR is firmly part of my daily life now. Cannot thank you enough for your innovation and motivation yourself to restore and help so many others. Wanted to congratulate you on your continued progress, the update to your website, and your idea to convert the DTR to air tension - very impressive stuff!

Honestly I can't tell you how satisfied I am with this DTR. You have an amazing product here and although I haven't had it on for more than 2 hours I can diffidently tell that the strong grip on my skin will rarely come loose. The tension is great. I really love this product and I am very very happy being your customer. I am so happy that I will keep you updated on my restoration. Josh

  Well I've had my DTR a week now, and thought you might like some feedback....it is by far the most comfortable restoring device I've tried....the other 2 being: CAT II and TLC tugger...not only is yours more comfortable...in can be used in so many different ways....incredible design....and most importantly...I have yet to have it "fall off"...the others I've tried always came off after a while due to perspiration and my pants rubbing against it....that has not happened at all with the DTR...perhaps it's because of the holes in the outside part...though whatever the case me be...it stays on...

  So, thanks again...and great job!-- All the best,Eric

Well Happy New year Chuck and I thought it would be a good time to write to you. Im 4 weeks in. I want to say your device is nothing short of genius. From such a simple design, an intricate function is achieved. I want to thank you so much, and I love the device. It was weird to use and a bit uncomfortable for a week, until I wore it in I guess. Now it slips on quick and the gripper surpassed all my expectations. I'm only going to track my progress starting from now. I was a Cl-1 without a doubt. I am a Cl-2. I should mention that I done a bit of t-tape before.I will keep you posted and thank you soo much again. The item is worth three times the price.  I see you started selling the DTR on Ebay. Well done and congratulations on the sales. Your device deserves nothing less than to be known. I can definately feel a differencein the skin since using it for 4 weeks now, and I can see some conclusive results but only when flacid. I plan to track my progress from now, considering it's 2011. I commend you for your intuition and creativity. The device is nothing short of remarkable.If there is one suggestion I could make is that you make two holes into the small push rod. Feel free to post this on your site.Thank you, and I will hopefully keep you posted over time.Nauar

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I have been using the DTR for ten months now (over 1000 hours) and am very happy with my progress. What seemed intuitively obvious when I first saw the DTR is now confirmed by my experience. The DTR is well designed, physiologically sensible, and well crafted, features which make it comfortable and easy to use. The comfort and convenience allow me to use it more often and for longer (gradually increasing) stretches of time. I am well on my way to a restored foreskin and grateful that the makers of the DTR have made this possible.Tom C
Tallahassee, FL

just wanted to let you  know that the dtr came in the mail a couple days ago. I am very happy with the device. Considering the way you make them the quality is really amazing. Also it super comfortable to wear, so much better than the tugger I had before.  Thanks for making restoring fun again, I can finally wear it outside without worries and that never happened with the old device.  I feel great wearing it, sort of intact… I think this will definitely speed up my restoring and give me much nicer results, since there also seems to be more equal tension on both inner and outer skin. This is wonderful!

Hi Chuck,

My order arrived yesterday, thank you for sending it out so quickly!

As I suspected the DTR is very comfortable because of the rounded edges.

I ordered the additional push rods in 1 inch increments so that I could have the full range from 3 inches to 8 inches. I'm starting with a 3 inch rod using the push method and having the metal screws go into the holes at the top of the rod where the rubber bands usually go. That way I don't have excess rod sticking out of the end and it's more compact to fit into my underwear. I also get consistent tension as opposed to the rubber bands that flex and stretch, whereas the push method gives me constant tension throughout the day. As I progress I plan on switching out the rods in 1 inch increments and using the two holes at the end of each rod as I progress in between rods. Have any of your customers used this method? If not, you may want to post this on your website as an alternative suggested use.

The retainer is so comfortable that I don't even notice it on and I don't want to take it off in the morning, but I have to in order to use the DTR.

On the first day using the DTR I restored for 14 hours with noticeable pressure/tension but no pain!  I'm really looking forward to making faster progress with my restoration because of the tension on both the inner and outer foreskin!

Thanks again for inventing such a great product and getting it to me so quickly!

Hi Chuck,I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that your DTR is amazing. I've been using it 2008 and I love it. I've recently bought a retainer to be able to use it ONLY for direct air, and I use my other DTR for dual tension (less hassle to have two). I've gotten so much progress since I got the DTR, and I've got even more since you described how to use it for direct air.Thanks for making this device available to us! It's a super versatile tool!

Hello! I received the DTR kit in November of last year, and I have to say I'm more than satisfied with it.

I'm 20 years old. Since I learned about circumcision and the like at around 13 or 14 years old and being circumcised in an area where most men are uncircumcised, coupled with envy, and my disgust towards the procedure has caused me a lot of mental anguish through the years. It was difficult trying to love myself when I hated that part of my body. I had known about foreskin restoration for a few years prior to purchasing your kit, but the methods and devices were all too troublesome and unattractive to me, so I didn't bother. I simply incorporated some light manual stretching into a routine, which worked a bit over the years.

Initially I had a bit of trouble using the DTR, while I'm rather loosely circumcised it took some practice to put it on perfectly every time. I started out mainly tugging, as I didn't have enough skin to use the dual tension initially. After a few weeks of just using it for a couple hours every day the skin had stretched quite a bit. I'm now at a point where I can use dual tension for several hours every day. Results are coming really fast! I see new folds and new skin every couple weeks - it's amazing.

I'd like to thank you for making this device. I visit your site so often now and reaffirm the goal I've set for myself every day. Your device has helped me feel so much better about my body. I'm no longer as horribly bitter as I was about my foreskin. I only see my attitude towards myself improving from here on out. Thank you so much.

- Raleigh

Just received the kit and am stretching for the first time right now.  Thanks so much.  The device really is a no-hassle, well-made product!

"As a 35 year old circumcised man, I had little hope that I could become intact again until I saw your website for the first time. The pictures, videos, informative guides and product specs you provided made my choice an easy one after scouring the internet for the best restoration device. The process from my initial inquiry to the transaction online and final receipt of my device was handled in a personal, professional and prompt manner at every step.

The device itself in real life is everything that it's portrayed to be on the website. It is clearly high quality yet simple, efficient and effective when used properly. I recommend it over all other devices I have researched and inquired about. 

On a personal note, I truly thank you for the service you provide in creating this product for guys like me. It offers hope and the potential of a renewed manhood. -Justin, Thailand"

I've received my dtr, and I've been using it consistently for about 6-7 hours a day for just over a week now. I wanted to send an email to you to let you know how impressed I am. First of all, I had previously purchased the tlc tugger, and I already feel as though the dtr is much more user friendly. I was never able to find a comfortable way to wear the tlc - the cone shape just made me always have wrinkles that got uncomfortable.  The dtr is also much easier to wear out of the house. Any movement changes the way a strap method fits, and I don't have to worry about that with the dtr. Because of that, I think I'll be able to keep a routine together much more easily. I just find it such a better product and wanted to let you know. Thank you again!


Hi Chuck!

I have worn your DTR device now for about 8 hours in each of these last two days, and I am amazed! What an astoundingly effective restoration device! Just in these last two days I can tell that I will make as many gains in the next three months, as I did over three years using the T-tape method. What amazes me even more than the overall quality of your product, is the fact that it stays on! I mean, your perforated "gripper" keys into your skin, and it will NOT let go! I have used a similar competing product and it never stayed on. I had to continually keep putting it back on when it would lose it's grip…… not so with the DTR.

To say that I am pleased with my DTR would be a gross understatement. As you know, I had quite a bit of restored skin to start with, and now my goal of being covered while erect is a distinct possibility, thanks to you!

I have already told two friends about it, and I know they will order based on my recommendation because they were both impressed with my progress using the T-tape method.

So gratefully yours,

John D.

Hey Chuck T,Just wanted to say:          You are an Insane Genius!!!And I mean that in the best possible way, really.Insane for thinking this device out in Your brain.Genius for realizing the device into the REAL World.(I've seen the video of You making one) Wild!  Where... How... Did this come to You?It must have been a vision! �� That's it!Out of all the crazy contraptions that I've seen out there on the web, Yours just makes the most sense. It's simple. It's easy. It's obvious.Why did it take sooo looong for someone to come up with this ingenious idea?Even though it's a process & will take time & dedication, You have taken all the hassle out of the commitment that one has to undertake in ones restoration. The ease of putting it on, the ease of taking it off.    The concept!   Brilliant !!!I've already put some hrs. in & will start a log of My progress today w/photos of flaccid & erect, duration times & frequency.Every so often after checking out porn sights w/Men & their foreskins, I'll do a web search about restoration. Lo & behold one sight mentioned a DTR (?) with a link to Your sight. That was last Sunday, Monday I sent You an email & Friday it was waiting for Me & Saturday the process began.Crazy!

So... Do You think I'm happy???If You need MORE stroking, I'll be happy to oblige!(just kidding, I know You're straight)I have to say, You MUST have a virtual stack of emails like this from all the Guys You've helped achieve the natural state of their Manhoods! I'm glad to add Mine to that stack!I hope You have a smile on Your face right now, because You've put one on Mine!PMc

Hey Chuck,

I just celebrated my first "anniversary" of Foreskin Restoration - and WOW what a difference just a year has made! I am amazed by the progress, and am budgeting to buy some more gear soon (like the air method pieces, and a conform plate) but just wanted to earnestly say Thank You! I feel so much better in my own skin, and can't wait to see what another year's progress will look like. Did you find yourself changing your routine much in your second year? Seeing your progress, I get the sense that you made most of your visible gains after the first year mark.

I am incredibly thankful for the DTR, and have been able to share my restoration story with a number of other men. I hope it's helped drum-up more Minnesota sales!

Keep up this awesome work! And again, thank you.

Hey there--
I just sent in a new order, but I wanted to add a testimonial:  I bought my DTR kit a while ago and found it to be the most flexible and complete kit I could imagine -- I started off with dual tension, then switched to tugging which is very comfortable. 
Now that I know (through my local NORM meeting) how useful inflation is, I am getting a retainer so I can do both tugging and inflating without switching parts/configurations.  Just more convenient for daily use.
I really want to say that your attention to detail, your constant striving to upgrade, expand and improve your products, and your GREAT, SPEEDY SHIPPING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE have made me a big fan!
Plus, your personal results and your stories are truly inspiring and motivating!
Thanks a million, Chuck -- you're awesome.


Next month - September - will be my third anniversary of using your DTR.  I can say that I have had very good results.  I went from no foreskin - to speak of - to a full #7C.  I intend to keep using this device - which is so simple - until I reach #8 or #9.  I highly recommend the DTR.  It is easy to use, and if you have some patience you see results.  I usually put it on when I get up in the morning and wear it most of the day.  Thank you for this simple invention that has helped so many of us who got cut at birth. 

I just sent an order for an extra retainer and four grippers. I wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with the retainer I have. We exchanged emails some months ago and discussed restoring after a penile implant and the difficulty I was having because the implant left virtually no slack for tugging. I have been using the retainer regularly. I did use a three inch nylon machine screw and thirty-four washers for weight. I am very satisfied with both the comfort and the utility. I can wear the retainer virtually all day and e comfortable, and alternating with the DTR is showing good results. Needless to say, I am very pleased.
I hope you have the retainer and grippers in stock. I'm going to be on the road next week and am looking forward to virtually round-the-clock tugging.
Thanks for your usual great service
Hi ChuckJust a quick update for you, I am getting amazing results from the DTR, my foreskin is had deffinately grown, It ismuch nicer now, I am covered over my glans when flacid and i would say 3/4 when erect and before i used the DTRI was about half this so its deffinately working for me, I use it a couple of hours per day sometimes more and loveusing the device, its comfy, it is fun to use. I also use the retainer with washers and that is great to wear also.I have just ordered the Notch conform plate as im now stretching more aggresive then i was with no problem at allapart from if this is for longer times it can get abit uncomfy as the push plate pressure on my glans is higher. also orderedsome new bands and a 5" new rod.Great product, its easy to use, easy to clean, its nothing short of superb and so pleased i brought it.Thanks again, I will look forward to the new notched conform push plate and bits to arrive.JamesUK

I've been using the product faithfully ever since I received it, and the results are astounding.  When I first started, I could barely stretch my skin.  (Obviously, I couldn't use the rubber band for the stretching when I first started.)  However, I kept at it, and now I am using the rubber band for stretching; what's more, my sex life has improved. 

Take care, Mr. Torres, and have a wonderful August!


Just wanted to share that my husband has been having awesome results with the dtr. There is a viable improvement already, he says that sex feels better, and last night he was able to have two orgasms within a half hour. We are both so thankful for the restoration and your dtr!! Thank you so much

I just wanted to take the time to say that I am absolutely in love with your DTR kit. I only just received it today but my initial reaction on it is amazement.

I had purchased a restoration product in the past that relied solely on the tension from an elastic band. It was called the TLC Tugger. I don't know if you are familiar with this product but it was a very cheap and simple product that was an inconvenience to put on and it easily slipped off. Also, it was uncomfortable to wear. That's when I decided to try your product and my expectations we're totally blown away when I received it. Its truly the #1 choice for foreskin restoration in my opinion. Its made of high quality materials and comes with multiple usage techniques which is very convienent. Its also very comfortable to wear and DOES NOT slip off at all!!

So pretty much to sum things up, I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product and sharing it with people that were forced to go through an unconsensual procedure of having their foreskin removed. Maybe one day this world will end this senseless operation of circumsizing children but until then this will be the best option for reversing it. So again, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, and I look forward to the following years of regaining what is truly mine.

Hi, Chuck,I wanted to contact you to report that I have received my DTR device that you made.I have pored over your website many times, learning as much as I can about restoring, about the time it takes, about the potential benefits.One of my favorite parts of your site is the video where you show what it takes to lathe and assemble a device.  The device is ingenious, and now that I have it in my hands, I realize how well it is designed and crafted, and how much of your own passion for restoring goes into it.  If you were not such a believer in helping other guys get back their foreskin, it's doubtful you'd go to the effort you have put in to designing, testing materials, learning how to turn one, build it, assemble it, and send it.I'm at the beginning of a long journey, and at age 59 it may take a little longer than I want to be restored to my satisfaction.  But thanks to guys like you, I'm hopeful i can do it, and I look forward to the day when I can be as intact as possible thanks in part to your good work.Keep it up, Chuck.  I doubt many guys will take the time to write you their thanks, but believe me I represent a tip of the iceberg when I say that without people like you who really championed the concept of restoration, we'd have no idea this was even possible, let alone have a blueprint and tools for how to get it done.With great appreciation and gratitude,Bruce

I have found your DTR and its accessories to be a great device for foreskin restoration. I have used the TLC Tugger, the CAT II Q and the P.U.D and your product seems to be the best of all of them. I liked the P.U.D but the tape over a period of days would make the skin dry and sometimes a little raw. The TLC Tugger and CAT II Q both seemed to have a tendency to slide off. Your product, the DTR, on the other hand has had no problems with slippage and when using the double tension, seems to be stretching the skin nicely. Also your retainer is prefect for when I am giving the DTR a short break.
I am trying all of the different options the DTR has to offer such as Dual Tension, Weights, Tugging, Direct Air and Indirect air methods. Seems to be a great product and well-made and with a lot of thought put in to its design. 
P.S. I use the Tug 'N Wear Foreskin Restoration Jock when wearing DTR during the day under my pants as it helps to protects it from rubbing directly against my leg.
Thanks, George

Hi again ChuckI just had to email you to say, wow, what a good product the DTR is, its comfy to wear, it workswell and even tho its early days yet i really do believe in the product. its so well made and yetso simple.. Your nothing short of a genius in my opinion.. what a fab product.. so pleased withit, I knew as soon as i saw your product that I would buy it... ticks all the boxes and is greatfun to use..Many thanks JamesUK

My journey into restoring my foreskin started out very unexpectedly.  Without getting into specifics, I began to research circumcision from a religious perspective.  For my own personal opinion, it is very important to me that I am circumcised.  However, as big a statement as that is, HOW I am circumcised is also very important to me!  I began searching about types of circumcision and realized that, like most men, I totally got screwed over on this, partly.  Thankfully, for me, my frenulum is still very much intact.  Other than that, I was stripped down pretty tightly.  I had no idea there were more nerves that I was supposed to have until my research.  As disheartened as I am about this, I am more disheartened that with my son's circumcision 9 years ago, they remove his for skin and I believe they cut out his frenulum, less he just has a very small one.  This almost bring me to tears and an upset stomach at the same time.  So, while I would still opt for a very minimal snip, I would in no way advocate the damage that has been done to me and millions of other men.  There may be many men who disagree with some of what I have written (I am totally aware of this and think that disagreements are necessary and beneficial.  Also, this IN NO WAY reflects the views of the seller of DTR.).  If there are some out there who still want to be circumcised (because of their faith) but also retain their dignity, manhood, pleasure producing skin as part of their natural sexuality, I also want those men to know that is possible.  So, this now brings me to my restoration.

While searching, the site I was on made reference to two types of restoring devices.  One I had heard about years ago.  It seems nice enough but when I came across DTR, the choice was pretty clear.  I didn't have to try and measure myself, the quality seems second to none, the web page was very informative, the prices seemed very reasonable and the customer service is also second to none.  This was my initial assessment. 
I sprung for the DTR kit and received it in the mail last week sometime.  Little did I know all of my initial impressions were about to be realized. 
#1- The product Chuck is selling is quality.  He answered all my questions, honestly, before my purchase and I'm very pleased with the product itself.  I'm also pleased with the different options provided- differing push rod sizes, types and also the silicone retainer pieces. 
#2- Comfort.  [I was circumcised very tightly.  In fact, I have always felt very anal retentive and I think part of it has been because of my tight circumcision.  I'm learning so much about myself in just the last week.  I have always had pressure in my pelvic flood and didn't know the cause.  I now know why.]  My skin was so tight I could only use the bell and gripper, no pins and no push plates.  I even sent Chuck a pic to ask him if that was normal.  Thankfully, my skin stretched very quickly and comfortably.   With minor discomfort, I simply readjust and can wear it again with no issues.
#3- Price.  The price was very reasonable in my opinion.  This product seemed the best fit for me without having to make modifications.
#4- Service.  I have had many questions arise and the level of service I have received has been top notch and I have worked in customer service for over 20 years.  Kudos to DTR!!
I am very excited to see, after a week of my skin just stretching, my skin roll off of each piece when I have to remove it.  I haven't noticed a ton of sensitivity in my glans yet but I know it's coming.  I am blessed with a very supportive wife who has even noticed some differences, namely the excitement I have and anticipation of feeling more whole.  I would suggest that if you purchase this product, you go ahead and purchase the retaining pieces.  I did not and wish I had've.  Thanks DTR for a great product at a great price and with great customer service!  I will stick with you guys and will recommend you guys as well.  I will send pics soon to show my initial and state and progress.

Dude, first of all, top notch product man!  I haven't tried other but they look cumbersome to use.  There is a very brief learning curve with this product, which if I had've had a little more foreskin to work with probably would have been shortened.

Second, service.  I'm sure you get a lot of email.  Thanks for taking the time to reply to mine.

Thirdly, comfort!  When it gets a little uncomfortable, as in a pinching feeling that isn't going away, I readjust and put it back on.  Overall, other than the discomfort that is to be expected, it is almost like wearing nothing at all.  Probably time to stretch a little degree further when I feel no tension.

I got the best compliment from my wife last night, she said, "You (meaning my penis) look different!"  Music to my ears!  It's not like bam, I have total or even partial coverage but when I sit in the evenings without the device on, my skin slouches down around my corona. Also, when I take the DTR off and I see it my skin rolling off of it....dang!   It gives me hope, lol!

I'm using aquaphor to keep my skin moisturized.  I put it in the push plate and then rub a thin layer on my shaft when I don't have the device on.  I'm wearing it at last 8 hours a day.  Is it okay to wear it more or should I let it rest too?

Sorry this email is all over the place, I'm just so damn excited! Great product man, great service, what a blessing!  So glad I went with your product.

I confirm you that I have good results with DTR actually. When flaccid glans is completely covered and there is at least 15 mm skin more, when erect a small part of glans is now covered.
I continue to use elastic tension and sometimes push method. Now I can use DTR always during day, excepted for sports and motorcycle. I easily can use it more than 8 hours without any trouble, in several times.
So it's ok now, perhaps further I shall change for air and/or retainer and weight, now I continue to use this method that seems to to be perfectly suitable for I.
I think that your systems are indicated not on for circumcised men but also for all men who have a rather short foreskin and want to have glans largely covered most of time.
Kind regards.

Hi Chuck!  Hope all's well with you. I am writing to tell you that I LOVE the DTR. I've been restoring for a year and a half. Started with TLC, then went to the CAT IIQ. And I also do manual. But as far as devices go, yours is the best. By far. I know that every device will fit every man differently, based on shapes and sizes of penises. But for me, the DTR fits best. I am so impressed with its ability to grip and not slip off! 

I just got my MacDavid knee band in the mail today, and am using it to tug now. The MacDavid has apparently been redesigned, and the tag is a little less hook-friendly than the one shown on your site. But I just had to modify it with a scissor a bit, and was able to attach it like you did.

Anyway, thank you for creating these products. I'm now on to a new level of restoring!


Thanks chuck DTR is a life changer . I'm almost restored and iv never felt this good about sex . Or myself . I'm based out of Los Angeles. I went to the gym the other day. And I passed a buddy when I was coming out of the shower. He made a comment that made me so happy.you're so lucky your uncut. He is now in the process of being educated about restoration. I will be sending him your info today. Sent from my iPhone

Hey Chuck I wanted to say thanks so much for the DTR!!! I've been wearing it allot sometimes I forget it's there, then I feel the tension on my skin and I'm super excited to have new coverage!! It's a great invention thanks for getting it out there man you're doing the world a huge favor

Hey chuck,
 Received the DTR today, its an amazing piece of work!! I couldn't wait and put in on as soon as I had a chance and had no problems getting it on or keeping it on. The grip is amazing. I changed the rod to the shorter rod before I put it on as I knew I probably wouldn't need the larger rod right right away. Its not even noticeable while I was wearing it for a couple hours. As it went on and the skin was stretching it felt great knowing im on my way to restore. I cant believe I didn't give in an buy it earlier, but im so glad I did buy it now. I know itll take awhile to start seeing progress but I cant wait, im excited for the journey.
Thanks so much for your amazing product

hey chuck,

I'm dropping an email to let you know I just got the kit. It came with everything the website stated. No kinks or broken parts found. I find it incredible that you make it all by hand. Props to you sir.

Hi Chuck
The DTR and accessories arrived yesterday and I'm again amazed by how beautiful a device it is. It's simple yet perfectly designed and crafted. I also noticed that you modified the design of the standard push plate. It now sits better in the bell which shows that the DTR is a continually improved project.

Dear ChuckToday marks my 100th day of restoring with the DTR.  I must confess that I am over the moon with the results so far.  With this latest restoration drive, I can already see a difference: greater length when flaccid because the skin is now at equilibrium, no more pain on erection, and I can see some skin gathering now and a small gain in sensitivity.  Next milestone 200 days.  Many thanks for taking the time to fabricate my DTR, and for you continued support.  I will mail a dropbox link at some stage to enable you to read my diary when I update it agin on the 12th.Kind regards,Gavin

Hello Chuck. Just giving you a quick update on my restoration as requested.

I've now been restoring for around 2 months even though I've been less than regular with the DTR usage. Some days I do it for 8 hours, some days I only do it for 2 or 3 hours, some days I forget to do it at all but I have to say that so far I'm very excited about the results. When the DTR arrived I couldn't even comfortably wear the retainer since I didn't have enough skin. After a few days my skin was loose enough to use the 4 inch rod and it didn't take long to be able to use both elastics. Now I'm actually already using the 8 inch rod with both elastics...it's a great feeling to be able to progress so far in such a short time.
For most part the skin now stays forward without me having to do it, even though my penis still retracts a bit in order to try and get full coverage, but just looking at myself in the mirror I now feel a lot more confident about myself and the way I look and I am now 100% sure that the (more and more) natural look is the right for me. About 2 weeks ago I started noticing what seemed like a loss of coverage and I was kind of bummed about it since it looked like all of a sudden I had lost half of my gains but then I realised that the reason why my coverage was reducing was because my standard flaccid size was increasing by quite a lot (about 1.2 inches...that's crazy for such a short restoring time!), which let's face it, didn't upset me one bit =P. I believe this was because of my tight circumcision not allowing my penis to achieve its natural length.

Also did some erect measurements and I've gained about 0.4 inches in both length and width (while I was perfectly happy with my size and I am restoring to prevent shrinkage while flaccid and numbness while erect, again, no complaints here) I never realized how much of my penis was being kept on the inside of my body due to me not having enough foreskin for it to hang properly.

So I'm trying to be more consistent with wearing the DTR and I know that eventually the gains will slow down and that I still have a long road ahead I am very positive about it and looking forward to the full restored look.

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful restoring method and I'm glad I found the DTR before I started trying to restore; I can't imagine doing it any other way now.


Want to thank you so much for the speedy shipping. The kit arrived today.  I am very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the product.  The DTR fits well and was fairly easy to put on.  I was initially concerned about not having enough foreskin progress but was pleasantly surprised.
Again, thank you.

I have been using the DTR for two years now and I am right on schedule for results.... as compared to your results in that amount of time.  I plan on using it for two more years for full results.  This is really the greatest device in the world.
Thank you for sharing it with all of us. 

Hi Chuck

You may remember that I ordered the DTR plus Retainer and various extras from you a few weeks ago. I just wanted to drop you a note to say how absolutely delighted I am with these brilliant products and how I wish that I had bought them years ago. Not only do all the different uses of the DTR and Retainer make stretching painless and easy - they have also given me a whole lot of pleasure wearing them. I wasn't circumcised and already had quite a long foreskin which gave me a lot of coverage, but the DTR and Retainer have already proved their worth over and over again. They really are a gift that keeps on giving. No way can I ever stop stretching now!!

So many thanks, Chuck, and keep up the great and invaluable work...

Yours most gratefully,

Hi, I got my DTR a few days ago and I just have to say... WOW! Thecraftsmanship is incredible! I also had problems with my oldsilicone-based "tugger" always slipping off after a few hours, but thedesign of the DTR bell and gripper completely changes that! And the DTR'sversatility means I'll never have to buy another device again! I won'thesitate to say the DTR is the best foreskin restoration product on themarket. I've done tons of research on devices and I should have gone withyours from the start! Thanks again and keep doing what you're doing!

Hey Chuck,
I ordered a DTR kit a couple of weeks ago and wanted to follow up with you.  I've tried other solutions, but yours is in a class by itself. Awesome! I love the design and ease at which it can be removed or applied. Also, TOTAL concealment is a huge plus. I wear it for a few hours in the morning and then take a break and then a few hours in the afternoon. I use just 1 rubber band for now as 2 feels like too much tension. I feel like I'm going to work my way up eventually to more hours and more rubber bands in time.
Do you think this is a good strategy? I'm just going by how comfortable I feel - too long or too much starts to hurt.
Thanks again for making such a brilliant device! I look forward to a day when the barbaric practice of circumcision can only be found in history books.


Hey Chuck,

I just received my new DTR and accessories in the mail.
I was expecting it to be like the one I originally had from a few years ago. The one I just received in the mail is to replace it as the old one was misplaced.

I have to say I'm impressed with your new improvements, it's obvious you've spend a lot of time refining what was already a great invention.
I bought both the regular notched plate and the deep plate. When I opened the package I first noticed the notched plate and thought it was the deep plate, I was already pleased thinking it was the deep plate (I found the regular plate rubbed my frenulum and after hours of using it my glands would get flattened, uncomfortable and odd looking).

I looked through the rest of my goodies and found the deep plate. You've nailed it with this one! I have it on now and I already feel the difference in comfort.
It's great that you have options for new and long term users alike. The deep plate wouldn't have worked for me when I was just starting to restore seeing as I didn't have enough skin to even get into the regular plate and had to tape for a couple months to be able to to use the DTR, Lets just say the doctor who did my circumcision was very thorough and took it all.

I bought the "retainer" too… I love it already! I'm tired of taping and tired of using "O" rings there's nothing like getting glue off your parts and the "O" rings that kept falling off or worse would end up strangle my penis because I'd get an erection during the night and my glands would push through the "O" causing enough discomfort to wake me.

Thank god I misplaced my old one otherwise I'd never have discovered your improvements!

Anyway, I just wanted to send a note to say thanks for this amazing little device!

Just a note to say that the DTR is also good for those who are uncut but were shortchanged on skin length. I would recommend the deep plunger with the V cutout for the frenulum. It's more comfortable than the plate supplied in the intital order. Great product and well worth the money, even for us uncut guys. Thanks again.
John, New York

Dear Charles,

I am writing to let you know that i have received the package yesterday. Also like to say how pleased i am with the product. This is much more comfortable to wear than the TLC tugger. Love the quality. The see through plastic cap holds on to the foreskin brilliantly and does not come off at all unlike the one on TLC . I can now wear it all day without fearing it coming off. It was a good idea to include an extra one without holes as the breathing holes one leaves dimples on the skin after wearing. Very smooth and high quality finish with no sharp edges unlike the TLCs tugger plate. I am very pleased with the purchase. I have also purchased a knee support from the local sports shop as per your suggestion to hold the strap and its all very comfortable now compared to my previous experience.

The only other item i need to feel totally comfortable is a elephants trunk type under garment to prevent the tugger from chafing the thigh. I dont think you stock it? I have seen a link selling it somewhere.

Many thanks again for your hard work...money well spent and I hope more will invest in your product.

Kind Regards,

Hi Chuck!

Just received the DTR today. GREAT product! Easy to use and wear, offers many options, DURABLE, and replacement parts don't break the bank! Very pleased - well worth the money to be the owner of my body again. You can feel it working immediately! Thanks for being here to support the foreskin restoration cause!

Happy to be restoring like a PRO,