keeping the glans covered!
Silicon O-rings are a great way to retain. I do believe using an O-ring has played a important part in my restoring then I previously thought. I now have reasons to belive that using an O-ring helped me create a tighter end to my foreskin.  I will get more in depth with with in a video summer 2017.
Tip :  attach a string and a safety pin to keep from loosing the O-ring.
Just attach the safety pin to your pants or under ware and you will be safe from loosing your rings.

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The retainer is smaller in diameter then the DTR bell since the grip does not have to be as strong as it would need to be for dual tension.The retainer design is made to be used under any clothing and hangs on extremely well even when rubbing against clothing or in humid conditions where O-rings have a tendency of falling off when there is not a lot of skin to work with.

You can see a small gap between the gripper and the retaining bell. This gap allows the retainer to be used for very long periods.
Retainer has a gap between gripper
DTR bell has no gap between gripper
Silicone O-rings
The Retainer
It is a good idea to make a leash for your retainer. This can simply be done with a piece of string and a safety pin. Just tie one end of the string to the collar above the gripper and the other end onto a safety pin so you can pin it to any article of clothing. This way if the retainer was to ever fall off you won't lose it.
Machined nylon not plastic.
If you choose to use O-rings to retain your skin when sleeping just keep in mind of the possibility when getting nocturnal erections that in O-ring could cause a problem if the penis slides through the O-ring as it becomes erect.
This can happen if the O-ring is too big.
When not restoring the Retainer is used to keep the skin forward over the glans. For guys new to restoring this also puts some stress on the skin so it acts as a low level restoring device. Additional methods can be used with the retainer such as Spacers , air method  and weight.
Packing this is an old term used for a method of restoring that uses spacers or packing to extend the length of a device that one is using to restore. This put a slight amount of tension against the glans much like dual tension but on a much less aggressive scale.
The spacers are made from the same machined nylon as the retainer and are approximately 1/4 inch ( 6 - 7 mm ) and 1/2 inch (12-13mm ) thick. A 1/4 inch hole is drilled through the center and its counter sunk so that the screw head fits flush inside.
When adding spacers to a Retainer it extends the length creating a packing device for a less aggressive restoring method. This is a great option to add more restoring time to any routine.
Close up of the counter sunk side of the spacer. No sharp edges from the screw can be felt.
2 different thickness gives you 3 different levels.
An inexpensive way to retain the skin when not restoring.
By stressing the skin  for 4 to 8 hours using more aggressive methods such as dual tension using a retainer with a spacer can keep the skin from returning to its relaxed state thus increasing restoring time for that day.
Spacers are available on the parts page as an option for the retainer.
Packing with spacers
1/4 inch ( 6-7mm )
1/2 inch ( 12-13 mm )
1/4 and 1/2 making 3/4 inch
The retainer  uses any DTR gripper and comes with three size screws/wing nuts to be used with weights or spacers shown bellow.
The nylon screws are used for adding weight or to use optional spacers for a packing method of retaining.
More optional ways to use the retainer are being developed making the retainer a very popular option for those looking to restore.
Air method
Even though this isn't an aggressive method of restoring I would still remove the device periodically to give the glans a break. Anything that is being pressed against the skin for long periods of time could cause bruising.
An important note, when it comes to retaining and sleeping this is something that every individual have to make their own decision on. What I will tell everyone is that if you are thinking of using something when you are sleeping please test this out during the day while you are awake.

See how long you can wear what ever it is you plan on wearing at night during the day to see if it's going to bother you after a long duration of time ( like 6 hours ). Also you are going to want to get an erection with the method you are going to use to retain to see if it's going to cause problems. You will experience nocturnal erections when you are asleep so you need to test this out.

I have retained when sleeping using O-rings and the retainer with absolutely no problems however it all depends on how much skin you have to work with. So please keep this in mind if you decide to use something when sleeping. I started to retain using O-rings at the CI -4 mark.
  7/8 th inch ID (22 mm ) , 3/4 inch ID ( 19mm )  and  5/8 (16 mm )
Three sizes that work well. To improve the grip greatly wash with soap and water or at least water when you take them on and off.
Stacking is the use of multiple O-rings.  Some guys would use different sizes like I am showing here.

I tried stacking when I first started to restore and could not do it. I used black O-rings back then and these Silicone O-rings (red) are much better with grip then black standard O-rings.
Wash O-rings often with soap and water to remove skin oils. They should feel a little tacky after they are washed and dry. If it slips off,  give it a wash.
most common size used is 3/4