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The retainer is smaller in diameter then the DTR bell.  This slight gap creates more room  for skin in between the gripper and Retainer bell making the grip less intense.
The Retainers main purpose was designed to just hold the skin over the glans when not restoring but it can be used for less aggressive ways to restore.
Retainer has a gap between gripper
DTR bell has no gap between gripper
It is a good idea to make a leash for your retainer. This can simply be done with a piece of string and a safety pin. Just tie one end of the string to the collar above the gripper and the other end onto a safety pin so you can pin it to any article of clothing. This way if the retainer was to ever fall off you won't lose it.
Hand Machined nylon not 3D or injected molded plastic
Packing this is an old term used for a method of restoring that uses spacers or packing to extend the length of a device that one is using to restore. This put a slight amount of tension against the glans much like dual tension but on a much less aggressive scale.
The spacers are made from the same machined nylon as the retainer and are approximately 1/4 inch ( 6 - 7 mm ) and 1/2 inch (12-13mm ) thick. A 1/4 inch hole is drilled through the center and its counter sunk so that the screw head fits flush inside.
When adding spacers to a Retainer it extends the length. Some men liken this closer to the "packing method".
Close up of the counter sunk side of the spacer.
2 different thickness gives you 3 different levels.
By stressing the skin  for 4 to 8 hours using more aggressive methods such as dual tension using a retainer with a spacer can keep the skin from returning to its relaxed state thus increasing restoring time for that day.
Packing with spacers
1/4 inch ( 6-7mm )
1/2 inch ( 12-13 mm )
1/4 and 1/2 making 3/4 inch
Nylon screws can be used for adding weight or to use optional spacers to extend the length of the Retainer so it can be used as a " packing device"
Weight / washers
Air method
Even though this isn't an aggressive method of restoring I would still remove the device periodically to give the glans a break. Anything that is being pressed against the skin for long periods of time could cause bruising/lack of circulation. Just use your heads folks! This is not a guide.
Even though this isn't an aggressive method of restoring I would still remove it periodically to give the glans/skin a break. Anything that is being pressed against the skin for long periods of time could cause bruising. ??
I only share this info to show you what I used when restoring and not as instructions for how you should restore.

Years ago ( 2006 ) I was asked to create a device like the DTR but more compact and with less gripping power so that it could be used for Retaining when not restoring. " The Retainer " was what I came up with.
While testing it I found that I it could be used other restoring methods.
I liked it so much that I used the Retainer just as much as I used the DTR.
Weight / Magnet
 I have made longer retainers by request in the past for years and I now have this as an option on the parts page.
These screws can also be used with the 30 and 40 mm longer retainers to hold spacers in place.
Same design as the original just longer so it can be used with the AIR parts , spacers and mag connector
There is a notched option with retainers for those that have a frenulum
The bottom is concave just like the original retainerand also has the 1/4 inch hole that runs though the center.
Please note that if you have a larger full frenulum you may have difficulties with Retainers over 20 mm long due to the size of your frenulum.
New sizes and notched options
20 mm , 30 mm , 40 mm long
Spacers may not work well with someone that has a decent frenulum since the spacers do not have a notch option.
I am well aware of all the copies of the Devices I make online. Unfortunately these copies are not made to the same standards.
I make every part as if I am making it for myself because  I know how important this is to the men that use it. 
Everything I make is hand machined on a lathe from nylon,  The notch is shaped using a slow grinding wheel than a small touch up tool is used to give it a smoother finish.

Please research what your buying when you search for restoring equipment online. Make sure your dealing with someone that has or is currently restoring.
Notches needs to be smooth and rounded. Not just a groove or small cut that you see in many other devices.
The Retainer is 31.90 mm wide. The glans ARE NOT fully engulfed by the retainer. The retainer sits on top and the shaft skin is pulled up and held in place by a gripper.