restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
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This is a picture of how I looked before restoring. It even shows my PA piercing I have ( no longer used ) . This is about a year before I started. I felt the need to post this because it might be hard for some to believe I was circumcised and have restored the amount of skin I have today.
You need to remember if this is your first time seeing this site your looking at years of progress unfold in moments.People that have followed this site over time saw the changes in my restoring as it was happening with my updates. Anyone looking into restoring should do so not matter what devices you choose. This is my real results that have been seen worldwide for years. So I hope your inspired to make the change in your life or body that your not happy with.
Before Restoring
My foreskin restoration begins.....
These pictures are one of the Best records of a restoring man you will find online. I took pictures on the 5th of every month to show
my progress . I took the pictures 20 minutes after taking a shower and at the same angle. I wanted a better record then one before and after picture which can be misleading.

I used a homemade tugging device for the first two months of my restoring after trying tape and the O ring method to no avail.
Dual tension prototype. This was my first attempt at dual tension, it was carved out of a nylon material I had laying around. The Bell itself was coated with aquarium silicone.
I would restore for about 6 to 8 hours daily seven days a week. On the weekends I would try to squeeze in more restoring time.  I would put my device on when I got home from work and used it until I went to bed.
I also did some manual stretching sometimes before I went to sleep and would visualize my skin becoming longer.
I was making good progress but I was frustrated at how long it was taking.
They would be times when I felt my progress was going backwards. This drove me crazy and was very frustrating.
Skin rollover was a huge milestone. This is when the skin rolls over the Corona's edge.
I think the 20th month Mark was a very warm day taking this picture and it's why the scrotal skin is so loose... Looks a little creepy..
I documented my results for my own personal records. I had no intention to create a web site. in 2005 there was not a lot of good pictures online showing foreskin restoration over a period of time.  There were a few before and after pictures but not much showing restoration over a period of time.
 decided to created a web site that year to show what I did to achieve the results I continue to have. This site has evolved to what it is today. I restore today on and off just to test new ideas.
When I thought about creating a website to show my results I was a little self-conscious about the piercings that I had on my scrotum. I didn't want to have people get the impression that I was into something painful and that restoring was a painful thing to do.  In the end the piercings actually help prove that my pictures are real and of the same person.
At this point my wife was noticing a dramatic difference with sexual intercourse, she was not getting sore and there was no drying out during sex since the skin would be held by the vagina like a real foreskin would.