Push plates
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I will always stand by every DTR made and the testimonies and my reputation with other restorers online speaks for itself. The shopping cart is from PAYPAL, you do not have to join PayPal to make a payment .The Pay Pal Store name will say " Wild Thunder " not foreskin restore all transactions are very discreet.

»1 Main bell
»1 Push Plate
 (choose standard, notched or conform plate)
»2 push rods, (4 and 6 inch)
»1 tugging clip (to be used as a tugger)
»4 nylon short screws (holds elastic bands)
»2 stainless steel tension hold screws
»10 Elastic bands
»2 grippers (holes and no holes)
Hole gripper or no hole gripper.
$4.50 each
Set of replacement Screws
(2 stainless steel hold screws )
Nylon elastic hold screws
(4 nylon screws )
Push Rods
If you want to use a Money order please e-mail me first so I can give you all the information you will need. DTRrestoring@gmail.com
3 sizes available
Silicone O- rings are 2 for $1.00
for retaining
High quality elastics, These last longer than normal elastics. Size #32
$1.00 per set (10 elastics )
Spare Tug clip used when converting the DTR to a tugger.
Note: This small rod is held on by the stainless steel tension hold screw it is not threaded. $3.00
  • 1, 3x34 inch elastic wrap
  • 1, 8 inch Velcro strap
  • 2, Clips
  • 1, One-way valve
  • 1, 24 inch silicone tube/insert
  • 5, balloon O-rings
  • 5, balloons
  • 6 inch OpSite flexifix film
  • Price $12.50
Wing nuts
2 per set
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Gripper style
Availability of the DTR kit must be checked before ordering. This is due to the labor involved in making them. Only a limited amount can be made per week. Waiting time can be  (1 to 4 days ) before order is shipped out.
Spare Air tube O-rings
5 for $1.00
Estrap ( tugging strap )
Gripper choice
Retainer with nylon screw.
Comes with Gripper with holes or no holes
Available in 3 - 8 inch sizes
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**Free shipping on USA orders over $124**
Used with retainer for optional packing method.
1/4 inch ( 6 -7 mm) and 1/2 inch( 12 - 13 mm )
3 size screws and wingnuts included
$1.00 each
Spare Retainer screw/wingnut used for weight or spacers.
 Please e-mail for availability, your e-mail will be answered normally in less than 24 hours.
Set includes one of each size
$15 ( set of 2 )
2 inch ( 50.8mm )
2 1/2 inch ( 63.50mm )
3 inch ( 75.60mm )
Shipping prices are as follows:
USA orders under $75 are $3.50  first class shipping, orders over $75 are $6.95 Priority mail shipping with delivery confirmation (2 to 3 business days).
Canadian orders are $9.50
USD first-class shipping.
International orders
$12.99 USD first class shipping. ( US postal had a major rate increase for 2016 )
Packaging is very discreet
with no reference to the website or what's inside.  Customs forms for outside USA will say "Nylon Parts"

You will receive an e-mail confirmation on all orders within 1-3 bussiness days.
Delivery time for most countries on average is two weeks however please note that it can up to six weeks for delivery.
Counties I do ship to are:  USA ,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Belgium,Croatia,Denmark,France,Germany,Great Britain and Northern Ireland,The Netherlands,Switzerland, Sweden and Israel. I do make some exceptions so check with me first if your not on this list.
All DTR Bells,Retainers, and Push plates are handmade on a lathe by Chuck T.  Not CNC or 3Dprinted.
Silicone Skin
(condom catheter)
$2.00 each
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