No false promises or unrealistic claims.
Real results, real pictures and honest information about foreskin restoring.
No fake "models" are used on this site.
All pictures and videos on this site are of my own results from restoring. The only exception "AKA"s touch up page and the other DTR users page.
The Internet should remain a place for pure uncensored human thought of all kinds. Never censored or controlled by corporations and governments using the illusion of security to control what you are allowed to view and understand....Ok now I am jumping off my soapbox.
This site will show you what I did to restore my foreskin.
This web site is not intended to tell you how to restore your foreskin.
Always consult your physician when starting any restoring project. Use common sense since only you can determine what's best for your body. My goal is to let men know that restoring is possible and can be achieved.
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Sorry its taken me forever to get to this video channel up and running.
I will make this happen soon...I know I have been saying this for to long now.5-3-16
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Used by thousands of men worldwide since 2005
restored foreskin
Before restoring...
After restoring
  • Lack of sensation
  • Soreness after sex
  • Drying out during sex
  • Unnatural appearance
  • Sensitive glans
  • No more soreness
  • No drying out
  • Sex is fun again
  • Natural appearance
The restoring equipment that made it possible for me to restore.
If you are like millions of other men unhappy with being circumcised then know you are not alone. Research and learn for yourself then decide for yourself what is right for you.
Sharing real restoring information online since 2005
This is not your typical restoring web site...  and your here for that reason.
Do not fall victim to hype or any other tactic telling you that they have the "best" or "most comfortable" way to restore. The truth is no device or method is perfect for everyone. There are pros and cons with every method and every device. Anyone telling you their product is the "best way to restore" is simply just using a sales pitch to get you to buy their product. Research and learn and separate fact from fiction.
Do your research !
(Dual tension restorer)
Now hold on to your hats and explore the site even if its out of pure curiosity.