32-92 months progress results
I stopped my restoring project after 24 months and decided to do a foreskin piercing. I like the way a foreskin  piercing looks and I figured what the heck now that I have a foreskin I might as well do it. After the piercing was done I continued to restore to test new methods with the DTR, I really want to see how much skin a person can grow with restoring.
32 months of restoring
Please remember that after the first 24 months of restoring I started to take longer breaks in my restoring. I just count the days I actually restore and not just days that go by.
restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
restored foreskin results
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restored foreskin results
This is about 84 to 86 months of restoring. It's getting hard to keep track of exactly how many months I am restoring now since I take many days off from restoring and even weeks at a time. I think from this point on I will just test out other methods and maybe new ideas for the DTR. The biggest difference I see now is when I pull back the skin. For the past 12 months I have noticed the skin clings better to the glans. I think by using the air method it really helped me push to this level.
60 months of restoring
32 months of restoring
I experience about a 10 % "loss" of skin when I stop restoring.  This is just my skins natural elasticity coming back.
longest restored foreskin restored foreskin results
92 months  ( guesstimate ) worth of restoring
After years of having a foreskin piercing it started to give me a major problem. The piercing started to get rejected and my foreskin was not looking like it use to. The skin was inflamed and swollen causing my foreskin to no longer give me full coverage or glide over the glans like it did. This way a very depressing time in my restoration after so many years of hard work.

After years with the piercing I can tell you that it was a bad idea and I would not do it again.
It did not allow me to restore the way I was in the first two years. Although the piecings were healed and I removed the ring when I was restoring. The pierced skin  would get irritated easily and my progress was much slower because of this.
early spring 2016
I took a long break in Dec 2014 till spring of 2016. My piercing continued to cause problems and I just had to stop restoring. Then in the Spring of 2016 I had issues with the foreskin piercing.
I deciced to remove the foreskin ring and never put it back in. It took some months for the skin to heal but it was the best thing I ever did.
After the piercings healed and started to move like skin and not scar tissue My foreskin started to change again. I stared to use manual stretching and O rings as my skin healed.  I started to have Erect coverage for the first time during early spring 2016 after all these years of being restored.
Fast forward to 2016