DTR Bell with Elastic strap
This is a knee support made by a company called McDavid.
Supports like this can be found online or in just about any health care department in a department store or drugstore.
This can be worn under pants with no problems of being noticed. I never wore it with tight pants but I have used it with jeans and other clothing with no one ever suspecting anything.
This is an easy tugging anchoring base to use. There are many ways to anchor an elastic strap to use the DTR Bell as a tugging unit. This is just one example of how to do it.
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As of July 10-2017 the tugging strap has been replaced with a new design. This newer design provides more tension and changes the ladder lock position to operate better, a D-ring has also been added for connecting the DTR or Retainer to the strap.
The E-strap is available on the parts page or you can make a do it yourself version with a few items such as elastic strap material and a couple of safety pins.
The information below will show how this strap can be used with a support brace such as a Mcdavid brand for example.
Once the brace is placed comfortably on the leg, the strap can be quickly attached to the small tug clip that comes with every DTR bell/pack and E-strap
I prefer to use a support brace that fits snug below my knee. Since braces such as this come in many sizes and shapes finding one that works is very easy to do.
You can be creative and use just about anything for something to anchor the end of the strap to. You could even use an ace bandage wrapped just below the knee. Possibly even an above the calf sock could work.
The strap now has a suspender clasp so that it can clamp onto just about anything.
This is the easiest solution for a quickly adjustable easily attachable elastic strap used for tugging.
This strap can easily be adjusted even while wearing it.
The strap can stretch can adjust from 12 to 20 inches but can strech up to 36 inches.
I can slide the brace down further or up to make quick adjustments without adjusting the E-strap.
Shown here using the Retainer as a tugger.

Using the Retainer to tug with can be an option for many men. those that are tightly cut and do not have much skin to work with would do better with the DTR bell because it has more gripping power.
This design was shown to me by another DTR user who took the E-strap and added a D-ring and changed the ladder lock position.  The design was such an improvement that I decided to update the E-strap to this new design.
 I appreciate all restoring men that contact me with ways to improve the equipment I make.

To keep the strap from slipping or to lock in place you may find using a safety pin to hold the elastic material together very helpful