In the picture to the right I'm pulling back my restored foreskin to show you the areas of skin effected when using DTR.

The blue shaded area is the skin that is held under the gripper when using the DTR.
The black arrow shows where my circumcision scar is. The red arrows show my foreskin piercings.
The black dotted line was where my P.O.E* was when I originally did the foreskin piercing this has changed since I continued to restore after I did piercing the new P.O.E* is the black dashed line closest to the left of the picture.

I am currently trying to correct this by focusing more on inner foreskin so I can balance my P.O.E back to the original line when I first did piercing. It is not really important that I do this I just want to see if it can be done.
How the DTR works and affects the skin
As I start to pull the foreskin back to take the picture above you can see the P.O.E that I refer to. This can change as you restore especially if you concentrate on either inner or outer foreskin.
The device works by creating a dual tension on the skin between the pusher plate and the gripping cone. This helps creating inner foreskin as well as outer.
As the pusher plate presses against the penis head, the bell and gripper is being pulled away in the other direction. This action gives the device its push pull effect. It is truly amazing how much force can be applied. I can achieve a full range of tension settings from almost nothing to ten pounds!
restored foreskin
restored foreskin
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restored foreskin back
Foreskin piercings
Circumcision line
new p.o.e.
Dotted line
old p.o.e.
* P.O.E. refers to Point Of the Equilibrium. This is the edge of the tip of the foreskin.
restored foreskin forward
Blue shaded area is the skin that is held under the gripper