The DTR is a foreskin restoration device with many options.
As a bi-directional restoring device it requires no straps or weights to create tension.

Skin is held in place with safe silicone grippers. No tape is needed.
Dual tension can be set two ways. By pushing down the push rod and using the tension hold screw to keep the rod from moving or using elastic bands. 
Do not confuse nylon with cheap plastic. DTRs are made from Quadrant Engineering Nylon 101 (6/6 ) this non toxic material is compliant with FDA, USDA, NST, and 3A-Dairy regulations. Used for Parts in machinery that are in direct contact with food . It is extremely strong and  very safe.

The device is around 6 inches (156mm) long from the tip of the rod to the bottom of the plate when using the 6 inch push rod.

The width of the bell at its widest is 1 3/8"  (34.40mm) The pusher plate is 1 1/4" to 1 5/16" ( - 34mm) wide.

The video above shows why parts Machined by hand on a lathe allows for greater precision for a smooth and comfortable finish.
The gripper is medical grade silicone ( same material used for baby bottle nipples)
Holes are added for more grip but since some guys preferred no holes it now comes with both.
Also by being clear you can see how and how much skin is positioned under it.
 The DTR's bell is hollowed to accommodate the pusher plate or the head of the penis if it is used as a tugger. The pusher plate is also concave for better comfort.

Be sure any silicone you are using is bisphenol A free.

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I have made DTR's for men all over the world. Check out the Testimonials page on this site or on any restoring forum online to read what other restorers think about the DTR and my service.

You can contact me with any questions you have
about the DTR or restoring .


sold as a novelty item and not a medical device.
(This is the same fully functional device I use to restore)

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Made from Nylon that is Lightweight, extremely durable, airport friendly and easy to clean.

 Multiple methods to use is what makes a DTR the choice for many restoring men. Not to mention that it actually works!
Over the past few years there have been a increase of devices available for restoring men. If your thinking of restoring do your own research and before you purchase anything ask yourself these important questions.

  • 1: Does the device has a proven track record?
  • 2: Will the device provide years of service? (Durability tested!)
  • 3: Does the device offer multiple methods which is crucial for consistent skin growth?
  • 4: Does the maker of the device have years of experience with restoring so that they can provide real customer service ?
  • 5: Is the materials used potentially toxic? "medical grade materials" means nothing if you don't know what it is.
  • 6: Does their web site offer honest information with pictures and videos or is it a generic "buy me now" web site with usless content and making statements such as "best restoring device" and "lowest-priced"?
The push plate on a DTR comes in four styles. Standard, Notched,  Conform-standard and Conform-notched
As you can see the conform plate is much deeper than the standard or notched push plate. More skin is needed to use this plate and is more suitable for men who are more advanced in their restoration project.
Please click here for more information on each push plate.
Conform Standard
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  • Hand craftmanship made one at a time
  • Durable non toxic high quaility materials
  • Used worldwide by thousands since 2005
  • Outstanding proven results
  • Injected molded or automated
  • mass-produced to be sold on Ebay
For about the same price..
When I started to restore my options were medical tape ( t-tapping).The major drawback with tape is the residue the tape leaves on your skin. I tried taping for two days and gave up. So tape was not an option....
There were some non-taping devices that were on the market but they had a reputation of slipping off. I figured I would be better off creating something myself.

  • No tape
  • lightweight
  • gripping power
  • extremely durable
  • multiple uses
I tried many materials and designs in 2003 until I had the right combination that worked and I restored myself from circumcised to flaccid coverage in two years.
 In 2005 when I started to make the DTR for other restoring men online some modifications such as finding the most universal size to make the bell so if fits most men with extremely rare sizing problems since thousands of us have used it since 2005. Because every thing I make is hand machined over years I was able to make tiny adjustment to the original design and make the most efficient, durable and comfortable equipment available.
Grippers are interchangeable, click here for more information on how to remove a gripper.
One problem with other dual tension devices is slippage. When designing the DTR this problem was corrected two ways. There is a wide collar above the gripper. This keeps the gripper from lifting off the skin when no tension is applied.
The surface texture of the Bell is also designed for gripping power. Although appearing smooth to the eye. If you run your fingernail down the Bell you will feel small grooves much like the grooves on a record album.
Very small grooves make up the bells surface to prevent slippage.
Wide collar
The Bell design also provides better gripping power, this worked better than my previous attempts with a cone shaped design back in 2003.
Crafted by hand on a lathe for others since 2005
The DTR is versatile and can be used as a tugger ( shown here ) along with air methods and as a weighted device.
Shown with optional tugging strap
Other methods of restoring were added as time went on. These changes were made with the feedback of many DTR uses to make a good device even better. Today's DTR is the evolving result of years of testing on myself and thousands of users worldwide. I will continue creating new methods and taking my own restoration to the limits.
Same size
Conform Notch
Same size
The DTR kit comes complete with everything seen in the picture above.
»1 Main bell
»1 Push Plate ( 3 styles to choose from )
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»2 interchangeable push rods, ( 4 and 6 inch ) others sizes available
» 1 tugging clip ( so it can be used as a tugger )
» 4 nylon short screws ( to hold elastic bands )
» 2 stainless steel tension hold screws
»10 Elastic bands
» 2 grippers ( holes and no holes )
...and how much are you paying??
See what other guys are using to restore with before you buy anything.