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Bell and Retainer Skin ( condom catheter )
A silicone condom catheter is the perfect item to make a silicone skin that fits like a glove against the DTR bell or Retainer.  Why you ask would you need this ?

By using a silicone skin the DTR bell can have increase grip strength much like the double grip method but with a much thinner skin on the Bell.  This would be very beneficial to someone new to restoring that doesn't have much skin to work with or if someone is experiencing slippage.

It's also great for using direct air since it creates a better seal then two grippers.
First, I'm using a 36 mm silicone condom catheter. It probably doesn't make a difference what brand you're using as long as it silicone it should be the same.
After removing the catheter, you don't need to unroll the bottom section since it's not going to be needed.
Taking a pair scissors I am cutting the tip of the catheter off leaving some of the tapered top.
Now it's time to remove the bottom section. More of this will be cut later but for now this will be good.
The end result should look like this.
Now the fun part, these things can stretch quite a bit so don't be afraid to pull on them. I noticed that the inside of the condom catheters seems to have a better gripping surface than the outside. So if you place the condom catheter as shown when you work the catheter onto the DTR Bell you will be inverting the catheter . This will automatically turn the catheter inside out.
Just keep working the catheter with your fingers over the bell collar.
Now that the catheter is now on the neck of the bell like so, you can work the catheter down by just pulling it as if it was a tight glove.
The condom catheter will act like a silicone skin, I will just keep pulling on the catheter until everything is smooth out and fits the bell like a skin.
This is what it should look like
Now I'm going to trim with a pair of scissors most of the excess material. I will leave about an eighth of an inch overhang since the condom catheter is much thinner than a gripper the little bit that overhangs will not be felt when it is worn.
It doesn't have to be perfect because the material is soft and thin. This will not be felt when it is worn and I'd rather have a little long then have it too short.
This is what the neck will look like. Notice how the silicone creates a turtleneck on the Bell. When the gripper is in place it will sit inside this ridge. This creates a great seal when you're using direct air and is a better alternative than using two grippers.
Here I have a solid no hole gripper on the DTR Bell sitting inside the ridge. Basically the gripper goes on the DTR just as it normally does.
Here you can see the gripper is rolled down onto the DTR bell with this silicone skin on the underside.

When the penis skin is sandwiched in between the gripper and the silicone skin it creates a nonslip surface. This is great for someone new to restoring and doesn't have much skin to work with.  This will eliminate the double grip method and also eliminate using two grippers with direct air. The best part is you can get these anywhere online cheap or you also get them on my parts page.

This could also be used on the retainer also if someone is using direct air if someone wants to use the retainer as a tugger.  Click here for more info.
Huge thanks goes out to my fellow restoring men who brought this idea to my attention to see if I could incorporate it with the equipment I make. I am always impressed with the many ways men have been modifying and adding to the DTR and Retainer helping everyone restore to their full potential.
Although there are different sizes available it seems the top portion of the condom catheter which is the section that is used for making a Bell skin is the same size. The larger condom catheters just seem to flare out after that point. I've tried  32,36 and 41 mm  and they all seem to be the same size at the top section.
The easy way to do this is to take one finger as shown in the picture above and turn your finger clockwise, as if you were trying to circle the DTR bell with your finger. I will be making a short video for thios page showing it.
Click the screen to view video in a new window.. or right click and "save link as" to download to your device.
File is 33.88 MB
The bell skin does not replace the gripper. It is used with the gripper. The foreskin in placed on top of the bell skin and the gripper is used to hold the skin in place as always.